Egging Weekend at Sue’s House in Hershey PA – great way to share with other artists and hone your own art

This past weekend my sister and myself went out to Hershey, PA for an egging weekend at our friend Sue Copenhaver’s house. Despite poor weather predicted 6 of us made the adventure happen and it was a great weekend of working on pysanky with other artist….and we really lucked out because we had no snow going there or coming home only while we were there and luckily no icing. We all first met at the Pysanky USA’s PYSANKY retreat in Wilks Barre each summer. There many of the people do these type of egging weekends/get together throughout the year but it is something that I never did so when Sue offered the invite to my Sister Tracy and myself we were delighted to join in. She was a great host and I just had to include these pictures of her Christmas tree which she left up for us to see/enjoy. IT WAS OMG BEAUTIFUL !!!! Believe me these pictures do not do it justice and this one tree you see here had hundreds and hundreds of eggs on it and each egg was done by Sue herself and she does wonderful work. To add to this she also had 3 more eggs trees (just pysanky) in her house and each had a theme….one only had mini quail eggs on it. So sorry I do not have those pictures. Then in her TV room she also had a huge glass top coffee table made by her husband completely filled with goose pysanky. Nevertheless, I highly recommend joining on a pysanky weekend if the opportunity arises…a great way to hone your art. We even had a newbie come….Renee and I think she learned a lot. Thank you Sue for putting together a wonderful weekend!

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