Farm Fresh Eggs are the best !


Finding a good source of eggs for your art is important.  I always say Farm Fresh eggs are the best.  This past weekend I traveled to my source (Miller’s Egg Ranch) in Pennsylvania.  It is about a 45 min drive from my house….not too bad and usually enjoyable because I love seeking anything for my art. Working on double yolk eggs is my preference and they usually have a good supply of them there.  Unfortunately for every dozen eggs you may be lucky and end up with 4 good usable ones because double yolk eggs tend to be irregular in shape with weird bumps or have rough spots on their shells.  Jumbo eggs are great too and they tend to have better shaped shells and it takes less picking to find a good dozen.  This time I ended up with 3 dozen each of jumbo and double yolks.  Yes a lot of eggs, but half of them are for my sister to use.  Most of them will be used for making pysanky but maybe not all because I still have to candle them for cracks so the ones that don’t make it will go back into the frig to eat.  In the picture you will see the egg carton with eggs, on the left are jumbo size and the right double yolk size….a big size difference.  The other picture is of some of the eggs I just cleaned my way (as explained in my book).  The brown egg is a regular “Large” egg next to the double yolk egg so you can see the size reference.  The ones in the upper left are jumbo size.  So you can see….finding a good source is important.  No matter where you live if you put time into finding a place to get eggs and there are eggs farms all over the country you will find a good source.  You will be surprise that even in your own town or near by there may someone that raises chickens with eggs for sale.  My last souce for great eggs was right here in my home town at our local Farmer’s Market.  Every couple of weeks she would save me her white eggs.  Usually at farmers market people sell brown eggs because people think that brown eggs are associated with farm fresh and white eggs are sold at the grocery store.  Most of her eggs were brown but she had a couple of chickens that laid the biggest white eggs (not double yolk but the same size) and great shells.  She told me it was because they were older chickens, and the older the chicken the larger the egg.  I do not know if that is a fact but it is what she told me.  Unfortunately a year ago I showed up to get eggs and she no longer had any. A black bear got into her yard and killed those chickens so no more huge eggs from her.  She got a couple new chicks that lay white eggs, but they are young and it will be a while before they start to lay larger eggs.  Finding a good source is a fun part of Making Pysanky!

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