How I Dye a Blown Egg


As I wrote in my book “Making Pysanky – My Journey” I prefer working on full Chicken Eggs. I just like the weight of it in my hands and I find blown eggs just fall out of my hands too easily. With that said, I do at times have to work on blown eggs, especially if it is a goose egg or quail egg and attached here is a picture of how I keep the egg down in my wide mouth canning jars that I use for my dyes. I always plug the hole up with a “pysanky plug” instead of wax and then I hold the egg down in the dye jar with a slotted spoon and then I take another dye jar with the top on it and hold the spoon down as shown in the photo. Works great. Plus pysanky plugs from PYSANKY USA work great! Just another tip….and as always do what works best for you!

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